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Tanzania's natural environment and geographical features have made it to be among the best tourist destinations in the continent and the home of Safaris;  attracting  more than 700,000 tourists each year.  More than a quarter of the the country is covered by 15 National parks, 32 game reserves, 43 game controlled areas and Conservation area, full of vegetation that support varieties of wildlife ranging from birds to big mammals such as elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah and rhino. The mosaic habitats found in Tanzania portrays a unique niche of species composition thus flagging the country as one of the major mega-diversity nations of Africa
The greatest part of the natural reserves is very much untouched due to the fact that for a period of time Tanzania's tourism was shielded from commercial exploitation . In recent years however, the government of Tanzania has increased  promotion efforts  to persuade tourists to visit the country and investors  to develop the sector.
The country has a vast stretch of plain full of wildlife, and plateaus that offer large part of the human settlements. This contrasts with spectacular relief features such as the highest mountain in the Africa, Mountain Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters high), and the world's second deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika ( 1,436 meters deep).                                                       
Other wonders include, Lake Victoria, which is the largest lake in Africa, The Great Rift valley ( central west and east), with its associated lakes, lake Nyasa and Rukwa in the south, lake Natron, Eyasi, and Manyara (where you could find lions on the tree) in the Northern tourist circuit of Tanzania.
A long the coastal belt and  off-shore Islands of Zanzibar , Pemba and Mafia, Tanzania offers magnificent natural white sandy beaches, beautiful aquarium, deep sea diving and fishing in Chumbe and Mafia Island .Apart from unique geological and environmental features, the country also prides itself for its history that began in the Olduvai Gorge, which is considered by many to be the cradle land of mankind. The coming of early traders and explorers; Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch, Germans and finally English, opened up the door for the colonialists. 
Touring Tanzania provides opportunity for tourists to visit renowned historical sites at Olduvai Gorge, Bagamoyo, Kondoa Irangi, Kilwa and Zanzibar. Another option is to visit the famous national parks, like Serengeti, Gombe, Mkomazi and Ruaha Conservation areas of Ngorongoro , and Game reserve in Selous

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